Star Trek
The Next Generation - Companion

Author: Larry Nemecek
Pocket Books
RRP 12.99,
US $18.00, Cdn $28.50
ISBN 0 7434 5798 6
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Re-released to coincide with the latest Star Trek movie Nemesis, Larry Nemecek's essential guide to the Star Trek: The Next Generation universe has just got, ever so slightly, bigger...

The Star Trek: The Next Generation Companion should already reside on most serious fans bookcases. The last reprint was launched back in 1995 and the only real difference of any note is that all of the new movies starring The Next Generation cast are now included.

The collection kicks off with a look at how the TV series went into production, how they designed the props and how they cast the characters - plenty of pictures are included here of the actors pre-Trek and the designs for some of the props.

This is without a doubt the best episode and movie guide for Next Gen fans, but as with all great things there are some areas that could be better. To start with I couldn't fathom out the bizarre changing of fonts for different sections - some of which are painful on the eyes. Also I couldn't fathom out what the code on each episode was supposed to mean - it seemed that they might be the original studio codes but this is never mentioned and I wasn't sure why anyone would care.

The collection is well illustrated with black and white images from the episodes. Some colour images would have been nice, but I suppose that would push the price up considerably.

This is an essential purchase for The Next Generation fans, but not really worth buying if you purchased the last reprint.

Nick Smithson

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