Monster Island

Authors: Christopher Golden & Thomas E. Sniegoski
Pocket Books
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ISBN 0 7434 6776 0
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In Sunnydale, someone other than Buffy has been slaying - and whoever it is is strictly after half-breeds. It doesn't add up and the Scoobies are stumped. At Angel Investigations in LA the team is visited by an unexpected guest. It's Doyle's father, a Brachen demon named Axtius. He's come to give his son a gift - Daddy's going to rid Doyle of his pesky human side. In fact he's looking to rid the world of half-breeds. When he finds out he blames Angel for his son's death, but doesn't have time for revenge - he knows where the mixed races have set up camp. Before long Buffy and her avengers have assembled right alongside Angel and Co, and have to gain entry to Monster Island to help fight against the Coalition of Purity...

The first crossover book for a long time, Monster Island doesn't disappoint. At a time when Buffy the show is coming to an end and Angel's future is not yet secure, it could be people will be turning to the novels more than ever to get their Buffy fix.

Crossovers bring something extra to the stories and allow us to have character interaction that we haven't seen in a long, long time. Monster Island is a good 'un, mixing the pot of characters plus dropping in a wide range of evil beasties set on destroying each other and taking over the world. On top of that we get our first glimpse at one of 'the Old One's' a big 'ol demon that was one of the original creatures to walk the earth, way before us monkeys learnt to use two feet.

Although the undercurrent message of the pain of demanding and disappointed fathers is a bit puke-worthy it's the only thing that really lets this story down. Action all the way through keeps you gripped, with Axtius attempting to kill Angel on several occasions and with an apocalyptic size war on Monster Island to finish it off.

I say bring on more crossovers! We love 'em!

Keri Allan

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