Star Trek

Author: Mike W. Barr
Pocket Books
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ISBN 0 7434 0074 7
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Captain Kirk discovers the true cost of peace when the planet Nador's last hope for unity - Siamese twins Abon and Debor - are threatened by assassins willing to strike at Kirk's own family to achieve their goals. As the situation quickly descends into chaos it becomes apparent to Dr McCoy that the Siamese princes' own unity may be killing them. Meanwhile, the crew of the Enterprise find out just what a desperate people will do for peace...

Gemini is that all-too-common Trek novel - the comfy read. An important mission, favourite characters, the original Trek universe... you know what you're getting. The Nadorians are having their first election [democracy - good], the vote is to see if the planet joins the Federation [Federation - good], but the forces of darkness are threatening the planet's monarchs, their Serene Highnesses Abon and Delor [monarchy good - hang on... isn't democracy good?].

Oh, who cares! Anyway, it turns out that Kirk's nephew, Peter, lives on the planet and gets kidnapped... And that's about it - assassination attempts, head-scratching and standard Spock/ McCoy banter. All very predictable and all very dull. Oh yes, the princes are conjoined twin but that adds nothing to the plot although it did trigger thoughts of a particularly funny South Park episode.

If you like original Trek this might just do but it really isn't up to much.

Anthony Clark

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