Star Trek: The Next Generation
The Genesis Wave
Book Three

Author: John Vornholt
Pocket Books
RRP 5.99, US $6.95, Cdn $10.50

ISBN 0 7434 6383 8
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In the aftermath of the devastation wrought by the Genesis Device, the crew of the Enterprise discover that its aftershock may be even more dangerous and far reaching than the Genesis Wave itself...

And so the Genesis Wave saga comes to its third instalment. The terrible rifts in space that threatened to annihilate reality as we know has been sealed but the Romulans still need to be stopped in their quest for power and glory. Unfortunately, the promise of excitement and intrigue is never delivered upon and instead we get a book that is Trek in name only, and also very badly written.

Picard, the stiffest of the stiff, decides that sex is better than saving the universe. He also seems to have lost any sense of morality along with his over-weaning sense of duty, dispatching Bajoran militia officers as if they were flies. Meanwhile, the Romulans start behaving as if they'd been transported from the original series and all the while there's the terrible problem of the religious zealot who sees the Genesis Wave as some sort of miracle device. As if we care!

This book discards many of the hallowed elements that make the Next Gen universe what it is - worthy, dull and sickeningly moralistic. But that's just not enough to rescue it from a whole new set of weaknesses and in the end the third book in the Genesis Wave saga is the worst of all worlds - just plain bad. And to make matters worse, Data has quite a large part in the narrative.

Best avoided.

Anthony Clark

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