Sabrina: the Teenage Witch
Off to see the Wizard

Author: Mel Odom
Pocket Books
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ISBN 0 7434 6253 X
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When Sabrina is given a perplexing science assignment, her aunt Zelda suggests she consult an old colleague of hers - the Wizard of Menlo Park. Sabrina heads for the Other Realm, Menlo Park and discovers that her aunts friend is Thomas Alva Edison, the famous inventor...

In Off to see the Wizard, Tom is down in the dumps and wonders if his inventions will ever come to anything. Sabrina zaps Tom and herself back to the 21st Century Mortal Realm so he can see how important his work now is. But, whilst Tom is in the future he goes techno-crazy. He turns on every light and has a DVD player and stereo blasting all at once. Tom's become the ultimate couch potato and absolutely refuses to return to his own time.

Once things start to go wrong with everyone's electrical appliances and things get extremely hazardous with the traffic lights, Sabrina realises she has only one course of action unless she wants to live in a world without electricity - she has to convince Tom to go back before the 'future' is left in the dark.

This book is another illuminating adventure for everyone's favourite teenage witch. A good plot which features a lot of Salem's capers, especially with his 'new found' DJ status and resulting antics on his morning radio show.

Not only is there a good plot here, but it is also informative at the same time. I bet you couldn't name all of Thomas Alva Eddison's inventions before reading this book. Once you've read the book you'll be able to recite them easily.

Heather Simpson

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