Star Trek
The Eugenics Wars
Volume 2

Author: Greg Cox
Pocket Books
RRP 5.99, US $6.95, Cdn $10.50

ISBN 0 7434 0644 3
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The children of the Chrysalis Project have grown into a race of super humans bent on ruling a world of lesser beings. But the move can't be made quickly, this is a long campaign of conspiracy and stealth based on skill rather than numbers...

Volume 2 of The Eugenics Wars spins a beguiling web of intrigue that marries the world we know with a hidden narrative that will finally spin itself out in the far future. And as we find out more about Earth's violent past so too does Kirk and the crew of the Enterprise, trapped on a colony of genetically enhanced humans by bloodthirsty Klingons.

The book's piecemeal construction steadily builds towards a climax which effortlessly fuses its strands into a engrossing finale with an inexorable and pulse-quickening power. The sheer vitality of Cox's writing drags the reader along towards the book's dark and inevitable conclusion.

This second volume, although very good, does however exposes the weakness of the extended narrative. Trimmed and tightened, the two books could have been reduced to one mighty tome. But despite its sometimes over-grandiose designs, the Eugenics Wars is a first class read.

Anthony Clark

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