Star Trek
Garth of Izar

Author: Pamela Sargent & George Zebrowski
Pocket Books
RRP 5.99, US $6.95, Cdn $10.50

ISBN 0 7434 0641 9
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Once known as the hero of Anaxar and a role model for Captain Kirk, Garth was a legend until brutal injuries left him criminally insane. Supposedly cured, he sets out to repair his crippled reputation. On a new mission Garth faces the ultimate test - can he keep his head on the very planet where he faced his darkest hour?...

Garth of Izar sees one-time Star Fleet hero Captain Garth rebuilding his life in a universe that no longer trusts him. At the battle of Anaxar he helped protect the Federation from collapse but a serious accident on Antos IV almost kills him. Fortunately, the inhabitants helped him rebuild his body using cellular metamorphosis - his mind, however, remained broken.

Rehabilitation ended with his temporary escape but time and further help appear to have eased him back to sanity. He no longer sees himself as lord of the universe. Now apparently his old self again, thanks to some experimental medication, he must help Kirk and the crew of the Enterprise on a diplomatic mission - a mission that requires him to return to Antosia, the planet where the trouble all started.

This novel captures the atmosphere of the original series quite well but it all feels a little too familiar to be really interesting. If you like your Trek traditional then this one's for you but for more intrepid readers it might just not take flight.

Anthony Clark

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