Star Wars
The New Jedi Order
Force Heretic II: Refugee

Authors: Sean Williams & Shane Dix
RRP 6.99
ISBN 0 09 941037 0
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Under the leadership of Luke Skywalker and a combined Jedi-government council, the newly formed Galactic Federation of Free Alliances is doggedly fighting back... and winning. Luke is on a quest for a legend, in hope of bringing back the ultimate answer to the war. However, a mysterious prophet has risen among the Yuuzhan Vong lower castes, which threatens to turn Yuuzhan Vong culture on its ear...

Refugee is the second book in the Star Wars: The New Jedi Order series. It follows on from the quest undertaken by Luke Skywaker and the rise of the unexpected anti-hero among the alien invaders. Will the Yuuzhan Vong achieve total victory? Or will our heroes thwart their murderous advances?

Sean Williams and Shane Dix team up again to produce an entertaining read filled with a host of hostile cultures and deadly enemies - thankfully ones that fit well into the Star Wars Universe. The ending left me wanting to know more... which is always a good sign with trilogies. I am looking forward to reading the final instalment.

This book also features a sample chapter of Star Wars: Shatterpoint - the very first Clone Wars novel.

A first rate cover by Jon Foster helps to add that extra something to an above average book.

Pete Boomer


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