the Vampire Slayer
Chosen - The One

Author: Nancy Holder
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The First has come to Sunnydale and set its sights on taking down the Slayer. On the side of the White Hats: Buffy, Xander, Willow, Anya, Dawn, Giles, Spike, Faith, Angel and an assortment of young innocent untried potentials. In this season spanning storyline, Buffy Summers will learn about the primeval origins of her own strength, and have the opportunity to train those who would succeed her. And as the forces of evil find their way back to the Hellmouth - where it all began - the Slayer will uncover what being the Chosen One is all about: Power...

Chosen is one chunky book - and so it should be, as it is a full novelisation of season seven; the last season of Buffy to ever be made. Each episode is given a chapter of the book, and it's pretty much like reading the script except it adds its own nuances here and there to give meanings that may have been hinted at on the show, which will either be spot on with you feelings, or give you a totally different view.

Series seven was a great one, and so is this book. If you take the time out to sit and read it, it makes you notice things you may have missed first time round in the episode: if you have already seen it, and if you haven't then it's the perfect thing to stop your curiosity. It'll probably make you smile, laugh out loud and cry, and it just adds a little je ne sais quoi to the show we know and love.

If you need a quick Buffy fix it might be worth picking this up 'cos you can relive all of series seven, or just pick out an episode or a moment you loved and go back to it where ever you are, at home, travelling around, in your lunch hour...

I'm not a big fan of the Buffy 'files' series of books, but this novelisation doesn't come across like a copy of the show, it only adds to it.

A must have addition to any Buffy collection.

Keri Allan

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