Star Trek
Deep Space Nine
The Left Hand of Destiny
Book Two

Authors: J.G. Hertzler & Jeffrey Lang
Pocket Books
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ISBN 0 671 78494 3
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Sins of the past collide with hopes for the future as Martok fights for the right to lead the Klingon Empire. With the secret of his usurper exposed, the ousted chancellor and his ragtag bang of followers embark on a desperate plan to retake the empire. But while Worf, Ezri Dax, and the crew of the IKS Rotarran go in search of the Klingons' most revered icon of power, Martok is dealt the most crushing blow of all - driving him to make his final stand on the ice-strewn cliffs of sacred Boreth. As that frozen world reverberates with the song of armies and bat'leths clashing, the mystery of Martok's past, and the future of the Klingon Empire, is revealed...

The Left Hand of Destiny: Book Two picks up the pace somewhat from the rather slow paced first book. The novel centres around Martok, Worf and Ezri Dax and is co-wrote by J.G. Hertzler who played Martok in the TV series. If you are a Klingon fan (and let's be honest, who isn't) then you'll be in your element here.

There's plenty of eating, drinking, honour and chest beating - which is exactly what a good Klingon story should be about. But there is more to this novel than a chance for Hertzler to string out his post-DS9 acting career.

A decent enough conclusion to a rather overly long narrative. It would have fared a lot better if the whole story had been condensed into one book.

Pete Boomer

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