Star Wars

Author: Matthew Stover
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Jedi Master Mace Windu's former padowan Jedi Master Depa Bilbao has been sent to an isolated war torn planet to aid a local rebellion fight against the separatist rulers. After receiving disturbing news, the Jedi Master must journey to his home planet to find his padowan, however, it seems as though something else has got to her first. Has the padowan turned to the Dark Side or are there more subtle reasons for her alarmingly un-Jedi-like behaviour?...

Shatterpoint is set during the Clone War after the events of Geonosis. The search for his padowan leads Bilbao into battle with, not only the separatist militia, but his own people. Isolated on a planet millions of miles away from the technology and safety of the Republic, a place where his allies turn to enemies and everyone wants to kill him, Mace Windu must face the terrifying fact that to win the war, the Jedi must become everything they fight against.

Author Mathew Stover tries to get inside the mind of Mace Windu and dispite the fact that he is a Jedi he shows that Mace still feels. It is his closeness to Depa Bilbao that makes his journey as desperate as it is. His emotion drives him to find something which lurks in the jungle that may have turned a Jedi Master into a killer, and it is a threat greater than that of the separatists and in the end it will push mace Windu beyond his limits.

The book is good, with enough twists to keep you guessing till the end and although it is far away from the rich technology of the Clone Wars, masses of armies smashing against each other in titanic engagements, the battles fought are just as fierce and even more so. The book keeps up the pace as Mace Windu gets plenty of opportunities to show why he is still a Jedi Master and perhaps the most feared Jedi in the galaxy.

Charlie Brine


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