Stargate SG-1:
The illustrated companion
(Seasons 5 & 6)

Author: Thomasina Gibson
Titan Books
ISBN 1 84023 606 X
Available now

Sci-fi series Stargate SG-1 continues to reach new heights of popularity, as Colonel Jack O'Neill and his elite
military team, SG-1, explore the worlds and face the challenges beyond the Stargate: a mysterious, ancient portal that allows instantaneous travel to remote planets throughout the universe...

The third in Titan's official Stargate: SG-1 Illustrated Companion range holds few surprises for anyone who has read volumes I and II.

With the advent of DVD and, more importantly director's audio commentaries, there is little included in this collection that you wont find on the DVDs. Thomasina Gibson has made a good job of interviewing the actors and crew members and getting little bits of behind-the-scenes information which she includes in the main text like mini interviews, but not enough to make this an essential purchase.

The RRP of £10.99 is a lot of money to spend on two seasons worth of material - especially when the content is not as well thought out as it has been with some of Titan's other Illustrated Companions (The excellent Farscape companions spring to mind.) If you have been buying all the books in this series you will have now spent almost £33 and there is still another season to go.

Telos' Stargate SG-1: The unofficial guide - Beyond the Gate is a lot more intriguing and far more informative for Stargate fans - not to mention cheaper.

But it's not all moan, moan, moan. There are some great pictures included. One worthy of note sees the cast out of costume and resembles a 1980's Huey Lewis and the News album cover.

Before I finish off I really have to have a moan about the inclusion of pictures of the author in the book. One would be fine, two would be a little bit of an ego trip, but three pictures of the author doing a "look at me! I am friend to the stars", is too much to stomach.

If you are a real Stargate fan do yourself a favour... buy the Telos book instead!

Darren Rea

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