Star Wars
The New Jedi Order
Force Heretic III: Reunion

Authors: Sean Williams & Shane Dix
RRP 6.99
ISBN 0 09 941039 7
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The Jedi move one step closer to saving the embattled galaxy - only to confront a formidable wall or resistance...

Finally, for Luke Skywalker Jacen Solo and the rest of the crew of the Jade Shadow, the search for Zonama Sekot is over. But their joy is short lived when they learn that the living planet is refusing to follow them back to a galaxy full of war, exploitation and misery.

While Luke works feverishly to persuade the elusive planet to reconsider, the Yuuzhan Vong launch a full scale attack aimed at the heart of the new alliance. Sent to defend a major communications base, Han and Leia find themselves hopelessly outnumbered. Reinforcements are just too far away to help before everything is destroyed. So, the courageous pair must now fight an unrelenting battle against staggering odds.

Reunion picks up the pace where Refugee left off. And while I'm not usually a fan of collaborative works, the Force Heretic series of books has me converted. Too many times I have read works by authors where there seems to be too much internal struggling between the two as to how certain characters should be portrayed - thankfully that is not the case here.

Jon Foster's cover art is worthy of note. Sick, twisted and thoroughly unpleasant - it does a wonderful job of conveying the contents. This volume also contains a preview of Star Wars: Shatterpoint.

Pete Boomer


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