Buffy the Vampire Slayer
The Script Book
Season 3 Vol 1

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Reeling from her battle with Angel and the emotional repercussions of having to kill her true love, Buffy Summers flees to a big city where she attempts to get by anonymously. But as Buffy herself loves to remind people, trouble seems to follow the Slayer. And there's no escaping her identity as the Chosen One - particularly when Faith, a Chosen second, arrives in Sunnydale...

The script books allow you to follow along as Buffy returns to her hometown to the lukewarm welcome of the Scooby Gang, rekindling old bonds even as Faith ingratiates herself to the group. The true Buffyphile knows the genius of the programme lies in its savvy script writing, and now fans can follow along to original shooting scripts, complete with inside jokes, production notes and cut dialogue.

I don't really understand the interest in script books, why don't you just get out the episode, shove on the TV and actually watch it?! It seems however, that these books do offer something extra, and therefore they appeal to the hard-core Buffy fan.

Another thing to note is that season three is widely regarded by many fans as the show's best-ever season. For example; "The dialogue unvaryingly slick and witty... the storylines brilliantly laid out" said The Independent in 2002.

Season Three was a pivotal period in Buffy's development, introducing a major new character, Faith, the rogue Slayer; taking the show in a new and more adult direction; all the while maintaining a sublime balance between darkness, humour and angst.

The seven episodes featured here run the full gamut of drama and comedy, from Anne, Dead Man's Party and Faith, Hope and Trick, to Homecoming, Band Candy and Revelations. Perhaps taking the time to sit and read the scripts, brings you a different view of the show, and the time and effort the writers and actors put in to create the show so many have loved. Plus with final cut dialogue added to the book, it allows readers an insight into how each episode was originally written.

I still find these books to be a way to con money out of fans, yet if you do plan to get one, this would be one of the best to buy as it has some of the shows best episodes to pick from.

Keri Allan

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