Star Trek
The Last Roundup

Author: Christie Golden
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ISBN 0 7434 4910 X
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Captain James T Kirk and the crew of the USS Enterprise have finally gone their separate ways. Spock, McCoy, Sulu and the others are spread across the galaxy, pursuing their own individual destinies - until an interstellar crisis touches all their lives...

Bored with retirement, and ill-suited to teaching at Starfleet Academy, Kirk jumps at the chance to help his young nephews colonise an uninhabited planet in a distant corner of the Alpha Quadrant. He even manages to persuade Scotty and Chekov to come along for the ride.

But Kirk soon discovers that the hardy human colonists are not alone on the planet they call Sanctuary. An alien race, of whom little is known, has also established an outpost on Sanctuary - for its own mysterious reasons. Suspicious, Kirk investigates, only to discover a terrifying threat that strikes at the security of the entire Federation.

The Orion syndicate, a greedy pirate organisation, claims it wants to join the Federation, but is in reality seeking to undermine it and its power and menace are well described in the book - you believe this is a bad bunch with bad things on their minds. The principal action surrounding Kirk and the events on Sanctuary moves along at a brisk pace and we also get to follow the exploits of Sulu and his ship when it intervenes in a major interstellar war. Spock and Uhuru come to the rescue in a Klingon ship, dispatched by Klingon Chancellor Azebur in repayment of a blood debt, but as the war starts to escalate it becomes clear that time is running out for the Federation.

The Last Roundup is well written and wholly involving making it one of the better Star Trek novels. It would also have made a very good movie although the actors from the original cast are far too old to be saving the galaxy again on the big screen. But in book form you can forget the wigs and beer guts - almost.

Anthony Clark

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