Star Trek
Strange New Worlds VI

Authors: Various
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ISBN 0 7434 6753 1
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The sixth anthology featuring original Star Trek stories by Trek fans, for Trek fans, again features stories set during the original series, The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager and now Enterprise as well. This collection of stories explore the past and future of Star Trek from a number of different perspectives...

The idea sounds crazy: Run a competition for Star Trek fans where they send in a short story and the best dozen or so will be printed as a collection for other Star Trek fans to read. The only condition is that they can't be professional writers...

Sounds like a recipe for disaster doesn't it. You can imagine the entries now can't you? And who want to read what fans have to say anyway? Surely their rantings are best left to Internet chatrooms! Well, think again because somebody must be doing something right - this is the sixth year this collection has been put together and it's not difficult to see why.

Ok, ignoring the cynical reasons, like cheap labour and the fact that collecting together stories from each Star Trek series should sell more copies than a story aimed at, say, Voyager fans, these short stories are all extremely well written. Short stories are not that easy to write well, look at 60% of Ray Bradbury's output for starters.

The winning story (Robert T. Jeschonek's One Million-Year Mission) also opens up a new category which is sure to be popular in the future - which sees crossovers between the various shows.

My only moan, as I am a huge DS9 fan, is that there were not more stories based around that series, but on the plus side there were hardly any Enterprise stories.

Another cracking collection of stories by fans, for fans. Yet again, this collection proves that you don't have to be a geek to be a Star Trek fan. There are some of us fans out there that also have a life.

Pete Boomer

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