Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Chaos Bleeds

Author: James A. Moore
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Life on the Hellmouth - a.k.a. Sunnydale California - has always involved a steady parade of demons intent on ruining Buffy Summers' nightlife. Staying at the top of her game means Buffy's racked up some powerful enemies. Now an old nemesis has returned - Ethan Rayne, a college 'friend' of Giles' - to Sunnydale and this time he actually wants Buffy's help. Not surprisingly, he's run afoul of The First - an ancient evil that predates humankind. And now The First has made Ethan a deal he can't refuse: ultimate power. All he has to do is lure Buffy into battle. With their sanity on the line, the gang is going to need all the help they can get. Enter Spike and Faith...

Chaos Bleeds is a pretty good book, although it falters slightly in its final third. A tie-in with a comic book and also the soon to be released computer game, the story brings together some fan favourites on both the side of the goodies and the baddies, including Faith, Faith's nemesis Kakistos, Drusilla, and the horny dummy, Sid.

The best thing about the story is its use of suspense. It takes a while for the story to unfold and leaves you time to wonder who will appear next, and how come creatures that died many seasons ago are coming to attack the Slayers and their friends.

All becomes clear over time, particularly with the reappearance of Ethan. However, towards the end it seems to veer off towards some strange parallel storyline that would seem more at home in the next Silent Hill computer game.

Still, this could become a fan favourite due to its character line up alone, plus it fills you with anticipation for the game's release, as you'll get to actually take part in the story you just read and kick some evil butt!

Keri Allan

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