Star Trek
Crosswords - Book I

Editor: John M. Samson
Pocket Books
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ISBN 0 7434 6311 0
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If you know what Labarre, France and Bloomington, Indiana, have in common, this is the book for you. Here for the very first time are 50 never-before-published puzzles devoted entirely to Star Trek. These crossword puzzles are designed to challenge your knowledge of the everyday and the obscure relating to every Star Trek series and the movies. So, grab a cup of raktajino and try and solve them all...

Star Trek Crosswords is a fantastic idea - and one that should have been thought of years ago. Here, Trek fans are treated to 50 testing puzzles that will challenge everyone from the casual fan to the hardened Trekker. And the great part is that once you have solved the clues that you know the answer to, then you can have hours of fun researching the answers to those clues you don't know.

We have been having fun (as well as a few arguments and tears) in the office with this. And I think this is probably the best way to enjoy this book - with a few like-minded Trek fans and a few beers.

I thought I knew a lot about Star Trek (especially DS9. But this collection really proved to me that I know nothing. I managed to get a few answers correct, but even my gran knows the answers to them - and she's never seen Star Trek! Here are a selection of some of the clues... If you can guess the answers then you're a better Trekker than I.

  • a) Medium killed by Redjac in Wolf in the Fold [TOS]
  • b) Planet where fever broke out in Hollow Pursuits [TNG]
  • c) Father of Jadzia Dax [DS9]
  • d) He played a teenage Chakotay in Tattoo [VGR]
  • e) Twin butterfly _____ in Broken Bow [ENT]

The only slight complaint I had was that there wasn't always an indication of which show (DS9, TNG etc.) the clue was linked to. In fact, it seemed to be strangely absent from a lot of the clues.

If you love crosswords and you are a true Trekker, then you'll certainly want to get your hands on a copy of this.

Nick Smithson

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