Star Trek
- Movie Novelisation

Author: J.M. Dillard
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When the USS Enterprise is unexpectedly diverted to Romulas on a diplomatic mission Picard and crew are faced with a threat that could lead to the destruction of Earth. Picard must face his most dangerous adversary yet who also turns out to be a surprisingly personal nemesis...

Star Trek: Nemesis' tag line wass 'a generation's final journey begins'. A marketing slogan that seemed to have backfired after the studio tried to back peddle saying that this may not be the final Next Generation movie after all. Hmm. It is clear from the start of this novel that this is certainly the end of the Next Generation crew. The novel points out that Riker, Troi, Beverly and Wesley have all been offered and accepted assignments elsewhere and that Data is to replace Riker as the Enterprise's number one.

While the movie left many questions unanswered - like why introduce the Rolmulans? Or why does no one mention Data's other brother Lore when they discover B4? - the novel fills in the blanks so that fans are no longer left scratching their heads.

This novel also features two additional sections in the form of an introduction by John Logan on writing the screenplay for the movie, and a behind the screen diary by production publicist Michael Klastorin. Both of these pieces are interesting but the introduction ruins an important plot twist of the movie - but then I doubt many people will be reading the book before watching the movie. It is also interesting to hear Logan state that Wrath of Kahn was one of his favourite movies, especially when many fans have been claiming that Nemesis is simply a reworked version of the second Star Trek movie.

The book also features a number of scenes missing from the final cut of the movie. The most important of these being Worf struggling to honour the memory of his parents who were killed by Romulans and there is also a scene were Wesley Crusher explains where he is about to be stationed next.

While the story itself offers nothing new to the Trek world, it is a must read for those who have seen the movie - believe me there are important missing scenes which this book spells out in detail.

Darren Rea

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