The Transfer

Author: J.G.M. Joseph, M.D., F.A.C.S.
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ISBN 0 595 28432 9
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In the year 2047 an intelligent young man volunteers for an experimental memory project. He acquires the knowledge and memory of a rich and famous North Shore surgeon. In a new world order where education is reserved purely for the absurdly rich, and where the value of human life means nothing, the young recipient tries to cope with his exciting, yet highly dangerous, new life. He then becomes the target of a gang of savvy modern pirates, running a parallel parasitic experimental lab, who want to use the results of the successful brain experiment to quickly enrich themselves...

Author Dr. J. Joseph is obviously a keen observer of social change. The Transfer takes place in a futuristic world of medicine and human experimentation and seems almost Frankenstein in it's creation, but when you analyse this novel it quickly becomes apparent that it could well describe a very real future for mankind, if we fail to learn from our past.

We already have the illegal organ smugglers in operation, so it's not too far fetched to believe that the events spelled out in Dr. Joseph's novel may one day bare fruit.

The author's writing is simple - quite a feat for a doctor - and to the point. Although, in places, I felt that some of the dialogue was unbelievable. Why would someone describe an intimate lovemaking episode to someone he didn't know that well? - but then there is a possibility that the mind transfer had something do do with this.

The book opens well and I had to smile at the way Dr. Joseph deliberately made me question why a young guy would forget which room was his bedroom after he hadn't been home for a few weeks. At first I thought this was shockingly poor writing on the author's side, but as the chapter unfolds it is made clear that it was due to the side effects of his "operation".

A frighteningly believable novel that is crying out for one of the major studios to give it a movie treatment.

Darren Rea

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