Buffy the Vampire Slayer
The Script Book
Season 3 Vol 2

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Only in Sunnydale could a new watcher be a harbinger of badness, and only the Hellmouth could offer refuge for a lovelorn vampire. But, as Cordelia Chase learns when she wishes otherwise, life in Sunnydale could be a lot worse. Like, if Buffy the Vampire Slayer had never come to town, for example. Buffy has saved her friends - heck, she's saved the world - more than once, and even those loath to face the reality of things that go bump in the night are thankful. But Buffy's about to learn one of her most difficult lessons yet: how to beat the baddies as just a 'regular girl...' Now, don't miss a word as Angel's return is uncovered by the Scoobies, and he makes peace with his inner demons, and as Willow and Xander,, respectively, grapple with their feelings for one another as well as their place among the group...

Wow great another script book. The writing for Buffy in season three is at its best, but why don't you watch the show rather than pay out just to read the scripts? I find it very annoying. If you are a hard-core fan though, you'll probably go and add this to your collection.

This latest edition to the set comes complete with production notes, inside jokes, and cut dialogue so it does have it bonuses to the die-hards among us. There's not much else to say really, yes it gets high marks for its content - the scripts contain gems such as The Wish, The Zeppo and of course the only Buffy Christmas episode - Amends. It does however get low marks for a cheap gimmick to rip money off fans.

Keri Allan

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