Sabrina: the Teenage Witch
The Truth Hurts

Author: Leslie Goldman
Pocket Books
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ISBN 0 7434 6256 4
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When Sabrina casts an honesty spell on her classmates, it backfires. Now Sabrina is the one who has to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, for the next 48 hours. Not only does Sabrina offend her friends, but she also manages to tell her housemates that Salem really can talk. Having her housemates think she has gone of the deep end is the least of Sabrina's problems. She's supposed to be cat-sitting Salem while her aunts are on vacation, but he's disappeared without a trace - and there's no way Sabrina can bend the truth to get out of this one...

The Truth Hurts is pretty standard Sabrina material with spills and thrills aplenty. Having her forced to tell the truth all the time is amusing, and you know exactly where this will lead. And that's part of the problem of this book - it is too predictable.

You can see the problems coming a mile away - like the punchline to a Les Dennis joke. But, as a young adult book this is easily digestible and not likely to give you indigestion.

Fans of the series will lap this up, and so they should. It is well written, entertaining and doesn't patronise. It's just a shame that it couldn't have been a little clever in its execution.

Ray Thompson

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