Author: Doranna Durgin
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The gang at Angel Investigations are well versed in the nuances of demon fighting. So they're surprised to find themselves euphorically giddy after a long night of... what? Their clothes are torn and bloody and their bodies are battered, but their memories of the previous evening are hazy at best. Research determines that they've been doused with demon pixie dust that helps them to heal. Angel however, is having the opposite post-battle experience. After years of superhuman healing, he's suddenly recovering from a fight with the resilience - or lack of - of an average human. Shaken and reluctant to confide in his friends, Angel is reduced to secret keeping and collaboration with new-found demon cohorts. If the gang goes in search of their next fix of fearless, will Angel be strong enough to protect them?...

Fearless is one of the better Angel novels to be released this year, funny and intriguing, it keeps you hooked without giving too much away too early, plus it doesn't follow the recent trend of trying to entwine three storylines into one book.

It follows the gang's fears and weaknesses and allows you to see a different side of Angel - one he hasn't seen himself since he was Liam - his human self of centuries before.

Humour comes in the form of the spaced out gang - a little too sure of themselves and over confident, acting way out of character, plus the introduction of Kluubp, a strange little green demon that happens to resemble Yoda in many ways.

Giving a feeling reminiscent of season two when Angel turned away from the gang to protect them, a divide appears as Angel cannot explain to the gang what has been happening, although they know he is keeping something. Can he stop the problem before it becomes out of control and people get killed and before he loses his friends? Grab a copy to find out!

Keri Allan

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