Star Trek
Stargazer: Oblivion

Author: Michael Jan Friedman
Pocket Books
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ISBN 0 7434 4854 5
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Captain Jean-Luc Picard of the
USS Stargazer accepts a dangerous mission only to learn that he has been lured into a deadly trap. A young Captain Picard is secretly dispatched to an orbital city in a disputed part of space. His mission: to recover an alien turncoat who could potentially upset the balance of power in an entire sector. When an explosion wrecks Picard's plan to beam the alien aboard the Stargazer, the captain finds himself pitted against both cold-blooded Cardassians and city authorities. Embroiled in a life-or-death struggle to find his alien ward, Picard's only ally is a mysterious woman named Guinan...

Oblivion is another book in the Stargazer series. Set before the television series The Next Generation It features a much younger Jean Luc Picard, and another familiar face from the Enterprise, Ten Forward's ever popular barmaid Guinan.

The younger and rash Picard must aid Demmix, an old alien friend who has valuable tactical knowledge that may help the Federation end the cold war between them, the Cardassians and the Ubarrak by going under cover to the dangerous and deadly station Obl'viaan.

Here he meets Guinan, however for Guinan this is not the first time they have met for Guinan knew Picard from before, Earth 1893, an event far into Picard's future (events that unfolded in the two-part Next Generation episode Time's Arrow). However all does not go to plan as Picard is framed and arrested for a deadly crime he did not commit. His mission goes awry.

A deadly game of intergalactic politics ensues, with Picard, Demmix and Guinan just pieces to be discarded. In order to achieve his objective Picard and Guinan must team up, leading to a desperate chase against enemy agents and the inhabitants of Obl'viaan to reach the alien contact first. Victory means peace, failure means all out war between the three factions.

This is the first book of the Stargazer series I have read and it will definitely not be the last. The author provides enough depth to keep a Trekkie satisfied but anyone can pick up this book and will easily get to grips with the universe. There are enough twists in the storyline and action to keep the reader interested. Being a fan of every Star Trek series this book appealed to me.

I recommend that every Star Trek fan should buy it.

Charlie Brine

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