The Expanse

Author: J.M. Dillard
Pocket Books
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ISBN 0 7434 8485 1
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High above Earth an alien probe appears and releases a deadly blast that leaves a smouldering crater in its wake. Millions die in Florida, Cuba and Venezuela. Aboard the Starship
Enterprise, Captain Archer and his crew get the call to come home. But before he can make it home, Archer is kidnapped by the Suliban's. Here he learns that a second attack is planned for Earth, one that will destroy the planet. To stop the threat Archer must go into a region of deadly space known as The Expanse...

The Expanse proudly declares on the front cover that it is based on the TV episodes The Expanse and The Xindi. And I can guess what your thinking... "How can it be linked other than in the most tenuous of ways?" Well, you'd be right and to be honest they really shouldn't have bothered linking this book to two totally unrelated episodes.

Can anyone explain to me the point of basing novels on TV episodes? Why not give the writer a little more creative talent to run wild with the genre for a while? But sadly J.M. Dillard isn't afforded such luxury. While she unravels an engaging enough novel, it would have faired much better if it had been allowed to stand as a story in its own right.

Sadly this is by far the weakest of the Enterprise novels to date.

Pete Boomer

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