Sabrina: the Teenage Witch
Now and Again

Author: David Cody Weiss and Bobbi J.G. Weiss
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ISBN 0 7434 6259 9
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Between hitting the books twenty four/seven, having too many commitments, and balancing a frantic college schedule, Sabrina can't remember the last time she had any fun. When Sabrina casually wishes she could go back to her less complicated high school life, an eavesdropping garden gnome grants her wish. Trouble is, high school isn't quite how Sabrina remembered. And of course, there's a glitch. When Sabrina landed in the past, her teenage self was thrown into a completely unfamiliar future. If these two Sabrinas can't find a way to communicate across more than a few time zones and locate the gnome, they'll be stuck - forever...

At the core of Now and Again is a relatively simple premise - Sabrina stuck in the past, her past, with no way of getting back to her future. I couldn't help thinking of the excellent Back to the Future trilogy while reading this story.

Going back into the education system should be a doddle. But preparing those spells (which, back in the 21 Century, Sabrina can acquire ready packaged) is not as easy as she'd remember it being. And how does the other, young, Sabrina cope with the alien environment that she now finds herself in? How would you cope? The only slight problem with this plot twist is that the older Sabrina isn't really that much older than her younger version anyway. A larger age gap would have provided many more problems and comical situations - but the writers cannot be blamed for this.

Anyone who has been following this series won't be disappointed. Now and Again is a fun book which slots well in to the Sabrina universe.

A lesson for us all then... Be careful what you wish for - especially when there are gnomes lurking in the vicinity.

Amber Leigh

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