The Crow
The Story Behind the Film

Author: Bridget Baiss
Titan Books
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ISBN 1 84023 779 1
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On 31 March 1993, with production on
The Crow nearing completion, the film's 28 year old star Brandon Lee was accidentally shot and killed while filming his character's death scene. The movie went on to become a worldwide phenomenon and this book deals with all aspects from the creation of the graphic novel to the films release...

The Crow: The Story Behind the Film is not, as you might think, simply a reprint of the 2000 hardback - which received only a limited release here in the UK. Titan claim that this version has been totally reedited. So, why release this book now?

Well, 2004 will see the release of the fourth movie, The Crow: Wicked Prayer, starring David Boreanaz (Angel), Edward Furlong (Terminator 2) and Dennis Hopper. And, it is just over 10 years since Brandon Lee was killed.

I'm sure that you've heard of at least one of the website conspiracy theories regarding The Crow. Rumour has it that Lee was killed deliberately (or never died at all and is wandering around the world somewhere with his father, Elvis and Lord Lucan), as the movie production was being swamped by financial problems, and this was a way to ensure the movie was a success at the box office.

Surely though, if there were even a hint of this, someone would have come forward amongst the numerous people Bridget Baiss interviewed for this book - but, not surprisingly, no one does. So, ignore the conspiracy theories and instead settle for the facts from the people who were there on the day.

Those wanting grisly details are advised to look elsewhere, but those who are interested in the franchise and want to learn more about it's creation, from the comic book series onwards, will find this interesting.

Nick Smithson

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