Authors: Scott and Denise Ciencin
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ISBN 0 7434 8997 7
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An old friend contacts Fred for help with her job at a top scientific facility. But the night they are supposed to meet, her friend is gunned down, the seemingly innocent victim of a mob hit gone wrong. Although Angel and the others want to help, they have been called upon to solve a rash of murdered among a group of wizards. These wizards are the only ones preventing an apocalyptic breach of the walls separating one reality from other, more deadly worlds. Fred decides to leave the investigation and take her friends place as a researcher in order to uncover the truth behind her murder. But when the worlds of scientific research and the supernatural collide, Fred may be the only one who can solve the case and stop the coming apocalypse...

Nemesis reads very much like a detective/Whodunit novel. Although the two stories threads start off as very separate, they soon become intertwined and our heroes have to work out who the baddie is before they can stop them - before the walls between the realities break down and terrible monsters walk the Earth! (Sound similar to the end of Buffy season five anyone?)

I have to say it is a bit slow, but there's more than enough comic relief in this book, especially from Gunn, who feels slightly under appreciated by his boss.

They go 'undercover' to attempt to save the world, but whilst Angel is off trying to work out who the evil one is, Gunn has to stay in character and wait in his room until Angel's return. To pass the time he writes a hilarious comic book about the Mighty Gunn, and his wimpy vampire sidekick, Angel. Gotta say, I'd love to see that comic book made!

For fans of other sci-fi shows, in this case Farscape, look out for a little homage to the series hidden somewhere in the book.

All in all, it's not a bad novel. The comic book scene alone makes it worth buying.

Keri Allan

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