Apocalypse Memories

Authors: Laura J. Burns and Melinda Metz
Pocket Books
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ISBN 0 7434 8999 3
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Willow is back in Sunnydale, but she's terrified: she knows her powers will be needed soon, but she's afraid that if she uses them, it's back to being the Big Bad. She can feel something strange happening, but the other Scoobies don't seem to notice. Everybody's dealing with their own issues. Willow's instincts are right on. A wolf in sheep's clothing has set off a series of freakish events. The apocalypse has begun. While the world falls apart around them the Scoobies have to decide what is important to them. There's one last hope: a secret spell with dangerous side effects. But is Willow ready to use her powers?...

Apocalypse Memories is a really great read! Set at the beginning of season seven when Willow returns from England, this story deals with the real apocalypse; not the kind you can fight, but the one decided by God and out of the control of all earthly beings.

It takes a while for the gang to work out what is going on, but floods, plagues, swarms make it clear that the real end has arrived, and there is nothing that they can do - or is there?

There's just something you can't pinpoint that makes this story so good. It's easy to read, and although it's quite a small book, it doesn't come across as too short, the story just flows, and keeps you intrigued all the way through - there wasn't a point during reading this where I lost interest or got bored.

Personally, I'd say this is a book that Buffy fans will love, and for those non-Buffy fans the story is great in its own right; there's some suspense, some action, some comedy, some sadness and a huge, real, apocalypse!

Although the show is over this might bring some new people into the Buffy fold, so, nice one Pocket Books - we want more of these!

Keri Allan

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