Star Trek
The Next Generation
A Time to be Born

Author: John Vornholt
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The Dominion war has ended, everything is returning to normal for the crew of the Enterprise, and that's the problem. They've been assigned to do a routine patrol of the remains of a vast battle site in the Rashanar sector. a battle in which nothing survived. Inside this mass grave a few courageous Federation ships struggle to bring home the dead...

A Time to be Born is the first in a series of ambitious books set in the aftermath of the Dominion war and leading up to the events of Star Trek Nemesis. This series details how the unbreakable bonds between the crew on board the Enterprise come undone.

The 'boneyard' is a full of ruthless scavengers intent on profiting from this tragedy but it is also the location of a series of baffling anomalies. It also holds a dark secret - a secret that reveals the truth about why nothing came out of the battle alive, and why there was no surrender, why ally fired on ally and why nothing in the site is what it seems.

In an attempt to save the 'Enterprise' from a similar fate Data is forced into making a decision one that will not only affect Picard's future but the future of the entire federation itself by bringing it to the brink of war.

I approached this book with a little apprehension, firstly because of the last Star Trek book I read and secondly because it is a prequel. However I soon had my fears wiped away.

Although it is hard for a prequel to maintain tension, seeing as we know what eventually happens, the author, John Vornholt, manages to keep the book exciting. He also manages to perfectly capture the characters from The Next Generation. Everything they say and do feels authentic and I was left marvelling at how well the author had achieved this.

Saying that, the book isn't spectacular, its very good and has a solid storyline but it failed to make me sit up and be impressed. Another thought is whether or not the other books in the series will match up to this? Bearing in mind that there are many different authors writing two books each, will it maintain any continuity?

Still, I recommend that anyone who enjoys The Next Generation should read it.

Charlie Brine

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