Age of the Twilight

Author: Kain S. Branford
Publish America
RRP 24.95
ISBN 1 4137 0721 1
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Ages lost have borne a time of marvel and achievement as the Quadra Order harnessed the teachings of both cold science and arcane magic. Established was a joint rule by the Order, their history books quoting past actions to be the direct will of Heaven's favour. Those who disputed this vaunted belief were thrown to a life filled with the scaring glower of the golden sight. Those shunned then gave their prayers to the night, and a maelstrom of destruction answered. The Order rattles, fearful of what occurred, never knowing the actuality of the threat until He declared war on them all. The Knightlord of the Void. Kain, surpassed death to realise the birthright he knew was his. He, an arbiter of darkness, was to stand atop the world as the sole ruler, and unify both the Heavens and the Abyss all about...

If you read the above synopsis and can make any sense of what the book is about... then you are a better linguist than me.

I have to come clean here. This is the first book that I have failed to read to the end. In fact, I couldn't make it past the first chapter. And so, for that fact alone I have decided to give this book an average mark. I can't slate it, because I have no idea what it is really about.

I found Age of the Twilight: Ascension to be extremely heavy going - and certainly not the sort of book you will want to settle down with for a bit of easy reading. The author's sentence construction is amazing to say the least. It's almost as though a competent writer has gone through his own masterpiece and changed words by using a Thesaurus at random intervals.

This book really, seriously, honestly should have had an Editor. But, because this is a Publish America (vanity publishing at its best) book, it hasn't had one. That's not to say that this sort of publisher doesn't produce quality material. We have recently reviewed two excellent books by this publisher - Twilight and The Transfer.

Bit of an ambiguous review, I know. But would I personally buy this? Nope, I'm afraid I wouldn't

Nick Smithson

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