Dark Mirror

Author: Craig Shaw Gardner
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ISBN 0 7434 8998 5
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In his 200+ years on Earth, Angel's seen his share of imitators: kindly, misguided people intrigued by the exotic business of being a P.I: not-so-kindly misguided people drawn to the lire of the undead life. But so far he's not encountered a clone - a true double. Enter Angel the Second. And Fred 2.0. And Wesley Redux...

A steady parade of perfect doubles arrives at Angel investigations, but they're not looking for help. They want the original humans (and vampire) dead. And if Angel, Lorne, and their friends cant band together to figure out where the clones are coming from, a murder spree that starts in their lobby might spread to the entire city. But how do you defeat someone who knows your every thought, your every battle plan, your darkest fear?

Clones you say? Dear god no! Cheesy as the concept sounds, Dark Mirror is a really great Angel novel. Set early in season four of the TV series, this story brings together many dramatic aspects of the series that were happening at the times and weaves them into its tale. Indeed the concept of a clones novel doesn't sound that great, but this is Angel-land, where not everything is at it seems.

First the team have to work out what/who these clones are and from there what they want and of course how do they stop them? Lilah and Wolfram and Hart also get entangled into the story, making things a little odder for the Angel crew.

So, as the plot thicken, it gets even more interesting, but I don't want to give too much away, so ill stop there. Just remember in Angel-land there's always an apocalypse around the corner - this book will tell you how clones can tie into an end of the world!

Keri Allan

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