Inherit The Witch

Author: Laura J. Burns
Pocket Books
RRP 4.99
ISBN 0 7434 8958 6
Available 03 May 2004

Many witch clans keep the powers of their young dormant until the recipient of the power reaches a certain age. In Juliana O'Farrell's clan, that age is 13 - the same age as her daughter, Lily. For some reason Lily's powers haven't manifested. Enter the Hallliwell sisters. But Lily would much rather sneak out to hang with her rebellious friend Drew. Could Drew's bad behaviour be related to Lily's missing magic? It's going to take the Power of Three to get to the bottom of this adolescent angst...

As the Charmed Ones know, it's difficult to adjust to the idea of having powers and saving innocents - that's one of the reasons that their Grams bound their powers until the sisters were ready to receive them. So, maybe that's why the sisters are so eager to help out - and they do seem a little quick to take up the challenge.

Who has taken Lily's magic powers before they have had the opportunity to manifest themselves properly? Was it an old family enemy, someone unknown to them, or is Lily's mother being premature in seeking out the Charmed Ones and asking for their assistance?

While Inherit the Witch doesn't have the world's most gripping opening, Laura J. Burns does know how to draw the reader into the story and get them hooked quickly. Her characterisation skills are a beauty to behold. Gortag, the sworn enemy of Lily's family, is well described and after only a few pages I had this wonderful image of the world's best pantomime villain.

This latest Charmed book is well written, and certainly one that will appeal to fans of the show.

Amber Leigh

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