Star Trek
Book 3

Editor: John M. Samson
Pocket Books
RRP 6.99, US $10.95, Cdn $16.50
0 7434 8481 9
Available 03 May 2004

If you know who played Lieutenant Hawk in
Star Trek: First Contact and the name of Picard's first Chief of Security Officer on the U.S.S. Enterprise, then you might have enough Trek knowledge rattling around in your head to complete all 50 Trek related crossword puzzles...

Book three in this extremely popular series will appeal more to the casual Trek fan than the previous two volumes. While the puzzles are still extremely difficult, there are plenty of simpler clues to allow you to complete small chunks of the puzzles before you have to go onto the Internet, or dig out you Star Trek Fact Files to find the answers to those real toughies.

That's not to say that these puzzles are easy - far from it. They will still test the general knowledge of even the hard-core fan base. And, as with the previous two volumes, I doubt there is a living person out there who will be able to answer all of the clues without looking up the answer. If there is I would like to meet them... Er... thinking about it... I probably wouldn't!

If you love crosswords, and you think you have a good Trek knowledge, then you really should buy this.

Nick Smithson

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