Star Wars
Medstar I
Battle Surgeons

Author: Michael Reaves and Steve Perry
Arrow Books
RRP £6.99
ISBN 0 09 941054 0
Available 01 July 2004

As Civil war between the Republic and the Separatists rages across the galaxy, nowhere is the fighting more fierce than on the swamp world of Drongar, where a beleaguered mobile hospital unit wages a never-ending war of its own...

Battle Surgeons deals with a group of surgeons whose job it is to patch together those that simply want to blow each other apart,

A surgeon who covers his despair with wisecracks; another who faces death and misery head-on, venting his emotions through beautiful music... A nurse with her heart in her work and her eye on a doctor... A Jedi Padawan on a healing mission without her Master. These are the core members of a tiny mud unit serving the world of Drongar, where battle rages over the control of a priceless native plant and an endless line of medlifters brings in the wounded and dying - mostly clone troopers, but also soldiers of all species.

While the healers work desperately to save lives, others plot secretly to profit from the war - either by dealing on the black market or by manipulating the events of the war itself. In the end, though, all will face individual tests, and only those of compassionate hearts and staunch spirits can hope to survive to fight another day.

I loved the angle this book took. And to be honest this could have worked in almost any war based setting. The fact that it just happens to be set in the Star Wars universe is neither here nor there.

And that could be the sticking point for some fans (although not me, I hasten to add). I can see the issue that some will take with this book: What's the point of setting this in the Star Wars universe when it could so easily be Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, or even an earth bound story if you change the details slightly?

But, if you are looking for a new angle on the Star Wars universe, then this could well satisfy that hunger.

Pete Boomer

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