CSI: Miami
Florida Getaway

Author: Max Allan Collins
Pocket Books
RRP 6.99, US $6.99, Cdn $10.50
ISBN 0 7434 9210 2
Available 05 July 2004

Thomas Lesser left Las Vegas for Miami to get away from it all - in fact, he felt certain he was going to get away with murder. But he was wrong, and the Las Vegas PD soon contacted Miami with a warrant for his arrest. Hot on his trail, the Miami CSIs are called to the scene of his abandoned car... a car that's been abandoned in spirit but not in body. And on a pleasant and secluded Miami beach, a young couple is about to make a gruesome discovery...

Florida Getaway is another worthy addition to the CSI: Miami series of novels. The action begins over in Las Vegas - Gil Grissom's territory - as the CSI unit have been trying to gather all the proof needed to bring Thomas Lessor in on charges of murdering Erica Hardy, a singer who was sexually assaulted and beaten to death.

Sadly that evidence is not processed quick enough, leaving Lessor the opportunity to hightail it to Miami. When his body is discovered - hacked up and buried on the beach in a refuse bag - the CSI: Miami team must set about piecing together the clues that will lead them to Lessor's killer.

I loved the way the Las Vegas and Miami labs worked together in this book - it's a great way to bring in fans of CSI who may not have seen CSI: Miami.

There are some unbelievable elements though. I doubt very much that Mrs Lessor, despite how much she pushed, would have been told quite so coldly what had happened to her husband's remains. Why did they need to tell her that he was found in pieces in a rubbish bag? They had already told her that he was dismembered and telling her the additional details seemed a bit unnecessary - at that early point anyway.

Again, Max Collins is given full credit for this book on its cover, but later on we discover that at least 50% of the credit should also go to Matthew V Clemens and Chris Kaufman, without whom this story would not have been as believable and well researched as it is.

Another worthy addition to the CSI: Miami stable.

Pete Boomer

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