Star Trek
Strange New Worlds VII

Editor: Dean Wesley Smith
Pocket Books
RRP 9.99, US $14.95, Cdn $21.95
ISBN 0 7434 8780 X
Available 05 July 2004

Featuring fresh stories by new writers and a few contest veterans, this collection of tales spans the entire Trek universe from the original days of Captain Kirk and throughout the tenures of Captains Picard, Sisko and Janeway, and back in time again to Archer. Each of these stories explores the past and future of Star Trek from many different perspectives...

The seventh anthology features original Star Trek, Star Trek: The Next Generation (TNG), Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (DS9), Star Trek: Voyager and Enterprise stories written by fans for fans.

The whole idea sound ludicrous - run a competition for Star Trek fans to write their own fiction and then the best entries will be collected and printed in a book and sold to other Star Trek fans. It sounds like the sort of thing that only real geeks would buy. But, if you thought that you'd be underestimating some very talented writers, not to mention some very engaging story telling

While I can understand there being seven classic Trek stories and six TNG tales, I was a bit shocked to see more Voyager than Deep Space Nine (four to two). But, thankfully there is only one Enterprise effort.

As always, this collection always surprises me. Just when I think the writing can get no better, another volume is released that proves me wrong. It just goes to show that there are plenty of talented writers out there that now, thanks to Dean Wesley Smith, can showcase their work to a wider audience.

If you are a true Star Trek fan then you can't afford to be without this.

Pete Boomer

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