The Brewing Storm

Author: Paul Ruditis
Pocket Books
RRP 5.99
ISBN 0 6898 7273 9
Available 02 August 2004

Despite wacky weather threatening the San Francisco area, life for the Charmed Ones is as normal as ever. Normal, that is, until 11 year old Tyler Michaels shows up at their door. Tyler, a Firestarter, is on the run from demons. Though the Halliwell sisters have dealt with Tyler before, a glance at the Book of Shadows turns up new, unexpected information about the boy... and the forces for which his magic can be harnessed...

Once a century the planets align in such a way that the tides shift and the climate changes, causing unpredictable weather and earthquakes. With the world out of balance the Firestarter is charged with gathering the other Elementals on the Night of Aeolus to perform a sacred ritual. Without this ritual the weather will eventually tear the world apart. But the demons chasing Tyler want to divert the Elemental power and channel it for a dark evil. The Charmed Ones must prevent this from happening at all costs - but the Night of Aeolus is already upon them.

The Brewing Storm sees the Halliwell sisters attempting to save the world again. The narrative flows well, but something just didn't feel right. I couldn't put my finger on it. It may have been that some of the dialogue didn't sound right on the lips of the main characters, it may have been some of the slightly forced conversations - there is an exchange between Phoebe and Gabrielle, about Gabrielle's career change, that seemed too forced. And there are a few other instances were the narrative didn't flow as well as it should have.

But, to be quite honest, these complaints are few and far between and in the end what you have is another another above average Charmed book to add to your collection.

Amber Leigh

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