Love and Death

Author: Jeff Mariotte
Pocket Books
RRP 6.99
ISBN 0 7434 9554 3
Available 04 October 2004

Incited by an outspoken radio host, hordes of monster killers have descended upon the Los Angeles area. They're out to rid the city of the demons that have overrun it as quickly and as bloodily as possible. To Angel Investigations these angry mobs are more a hindrance, as the team are trying to solve the case of a family who've were murdered as Angel raced to save them. But when Lorne is attacked and Connor disappears, Angel realises that these demon hunters don't know the difference between a demon who's on the side of good, and one who's just out for blood. None of them is safe from this rabid pack of do-gooders...

Love and Death puts a slightly different twist on Angel tales that have gone before - with a focus on humans rather than the normal monsters. Of course, as the tale unfolds you find out that the supernatural is indeed involved, however the humans are making their own choices to come to town and become apprentice vigilantes.

The problem is, they don't know the full story, and in all honesty are a bit too gun happy. Whilst trying to protect human kind from this 'evil threat' they burn down flats which they believe are vamps nests (but are actually just human homes) and they shoot at the good guys like Lorne, Angel and Connor.

On top of LA looking like riot central, the Angel Investigations crew are still trying to solve the horrific murders of a peaceful family in their home. Angel was somehow side-tracked by the evil involved so now they need to work out who's doing this, and why?

An insane rollercoaster ride of a novella, Love and Death has a pretty hectic pace and is a great read - although minis points for a slightly disappointing ending. Still, a great book for Angel fans.

Keri Allan

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