The Art of Chris Achilléos

Author: Chris Achilléos
Titan Books
RRP 14.99, US $19.95
ISBN 1 84023 893 3
Available 22 October 2004

Chris Achilléos has created some of the best-loved fantasy and glamour art of the past 30 years. His work ranges from Taarna, the famous Heavy Metal heroine, through classic Conan covers and the Amazonian women to his more recent fetish paintings, all the time experimenting with new techniques and different materials...

Amazona collects together a stunning selection of Chris Achilléos's previously uncollected artwork from the past 15 years, art that bears all the hallmarks that have made Achilléos so popular. Included in this volume are examples of the erotic pinups that have made him famous, paintings inspired by Greek mythology, Tolkien and Robert E. Howard, and Achilléos's commissions for role-playing and computer games.

From the haunting The Tease (which depicts a woman, who is clutching a dove, trapped in a spider's web) to the humorous Bunny Girl (who has the body of a woman and head of a rabbit) there is something here to tickle everyone's fancy.

Leafing through this collection it soon becomes apparent that Achilléos has a number of passions - apart from beautiful women. He has a liking of the S&M scene as well as a keen interest in cats. He even manages to mix the two in several paintings - most notably Cats, Paws and Claws and The Animals went in Two by Two.

Each painting includes a short explanation of the background of each piece and outlines details including what it was commissioned for, who the model was and what the artists liked or disliked about it. I would have liked to have seen a little more information though, like how long each painting took to complete, what he was hoping to achieve - and did he think he managed to, and what he personally gained from each work.

Artists or anyone with an interest in art (not necessarily erotic) will enjoy this beautiful collection.

Even better news is the fact that another book celebrating this artists work is being released in 2005 - with specially commissioned artwork never published before. I can't wait.

Amber Leigh

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