Angel Road

Author: Steven Savile
Elastic Press
RRP 6.00
ISBN 0 9543747 9 7
Available 01 November 2004

From the beginning of time the subject of angels has inspired mankind. In this new collection of stories, Steven Savile surrenders to their inspiration and invites them to lead him - and us - into the most haunting reaches of the imagination...

Angel Road is indeed a 'different' kind of book. A collection of stories, all with a basis around angels in some form or other, it is a kooky and often downright creepy set of tales with very dark undertones.

It likes to market itself as a Lewis Carroll-esque title for the 21st century, but it's very much an adults book rather than for teenagers or kids. Truly haunting at times, the author delves deep into a dark world offering sad love stories, morbid tales and touches on occasions on the themes of God, Heaven and Hell. Its not all religious undertones though, there is also a gory aspect which personally gave me the creeps, and the main theme is twisting the idea of the fairy tale on its head. Think of the Grimm brothers then really make things grim.

You can't describe Angel Road as a happy read, and not all its stories are amazing, however some do grip you and make you read onto the end even if you aren't provided with a happy ending. One of the best points were that some of the stories tied together; not all, however some characters will pop up from time to time, which definitely adds something to this set of macabre stories.

Overall, not a personally appealing book, but if you like the downright strange, creepy, and gothic, then you might want to check this title out.

Keri Allan

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