Comic Book Encyclopedia

Author: Ron Goulart
Harper Collins
RRP 30.00, US $49.95, Cdn $69.95
ISBN 0 06 053816 3
Available 01 November 2004

A fully illustrated compendium of the greatest comics, graphic novels, artists, writers and characters of the comic book universe. Whether you're a comic book newbie or a die-hard fan, this is the one and only book you'll ever need for a complete overview of this exciting world...

This is the book for anyone serious about comics. The Comic Book Encyclopedia is packed full of interesting information. Its 378 pages are crammed to bursting with fantastic illustrations and reprints of comic covers.

Not a single page is wasted - there is even a fun time line that runs along the inside covers this starts with the launch of Comic Monthly in 1922 and concludes with the news that DC released a Focus line in 2004, featuring titles that take place outside the regular DC universe.

This encyclopaedia will also be of interest to those new to comic books, or who like to dip in and out occasionally. There are brief synopses of the majority of comic book characters. So, if you are reading Batman and Harley Quinn is mentioned you can discover who she is, when she was created and loads of other background information that really shouldn't be rattling around in your head.

Or maybe you are unsure of what the often used phrase "The Golden Age" means when referring to the comic book industry. Again, this volume has the answer.

While everything is in alphabetical order, there is also a handy index section to help you track down that all important information.

Ron Goulart has obviously put a lot of time and effort into the creation of this book and it shows. Some might argue that £30 is a little expensive to splash out on a book. Take my word for it, this could be the best £30 you spend.

Nick Smithson

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