Star Trek

Editor: John M. Samson
Pocket Books
RRP 6.99, US $10.95, Cdn $15.95
ISBN 0 7434 8482 7
Available 01 November 2004

If you know which Star Trek: The Next Generation episode lets you experience Worf's Age of Ascension and what colour synthale should be, this is the book for you...

The fourth book in this series includes another 50 never-before-published puzzles devoted entirely to Star Trek. Edited by top puzzle master John M. Samson, these crossword puzzles will challenge your knowledge of the everyday and the obscure related to every Star Trek series and movie. Grab a raktajino, and see if you can solve them all.

To be honest, only the most dedicated Star Trek fan (or saddest - depending on your point of view) will be able to complete the majority of these puzzles without searching for the answers on the Internet. But, that adds an extra element of fun to this series of crossword puzzles. Trawling through the Internet, or getting out your DVD and book collection, in a bid to complete these puzzles is great fun in a group and as equally rewarding if you do it alone.

For real hard-core Trek fans this is a must buy. However, if you are a passing fan who enjoys doing the odd crossword you might like to steer clear of this - it's not really designed for the casual fan.

Nick Smithson

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