Fallen Angel

Author: Stephanie Bedwell-Grime
Telos Publishing
RRP 9.99, US $9.95, Cdn $14.95
ISBN 1 903889 69 3
Available 25 November 2004

When Porsche Winter sees a she-devil in downtown Toronto, she knows this can only mean trouble. For this is not just any she-devil, but Naamah, head she-devil and Lucifer's right hand. With Lucifer turning his eye to the Earth, Porsche finds allies in the most unlikely places, but can Naamah be trusted? Defeating the minions of Hell isn't as easy as it used to be. Stripped of her superior strength and healing ability as well as the weapons in Heaven's arsenal, Porsche has only one very human body with which to fight the forces of Hades. And so it is down to one fallen angel, a small cherub and a former stockbroker to try and save every soul on the planet...

Fallen Angel picks up the events that had previous been laid out in Stephanie Bedwell-Grime's earlier Porsche Winter novel Guardian Angel. This, in my opinion, was a mistake. Firstly there is no attempt to break in new readers who may not have read her first book - why Winter was now human and how she and Alex Chalmers first became involved. While those readers who read Guardian Angel will know what is going on, new readers will, I fear, will be missing some vital background information. It may have been better, stylistically, to have left Chalmers out of the proceedings entirely and start afresh.

The blurb on the back cover also gives too much away about the plot - in fact it spoils an important twist regarding who Porsche must join forces with - a fact not revealed until almost half way into this adventure.

I also had a problem with the idea that Satan was not totally evil - and maybe even a little inept. Could someone (or thing) really pull the wool over his eyes and be more evil than him? No. He is the epitome of evil and therefore, surely, the lowest of the low and no one should be able to beat him when it comes to playing dirty tricks. And would he really ask for the help of those in Heaven?

As with the previous book, when the plot is stripped down to its bare bones there is very little meat to it. But - and this is something that Bedwell-Grime seems to be very good at achieving - the fleshing out of the main narrative is very well executed.

While I didn't enjoy this book quite as much as Guardian Angel, I still found it a most enjoyable read - despite my earlier nit-picking. If you enjoyed the previous book I recommend that you add this latest volume to your collection too.

Amber Leigh

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