Star Wars: Attack of the Clones
The Illustrated Companion

Author: Marcus Hearn
Ebury Press
RRP: 14.99
ISBN 0 091 88478 0
Available now


Before Star Wars: Episode II has even landed on these shores a steady stream of movie merchandise seems to have gradually cropped up. The latest are the books - everything from the movie novelisation and graphic novel to the picture heavy, glossy coffee table editions.

Ebury Press' The Illustrated Companion starts with a section to help bring readers up-to-date on the story so far. This will help to fill in the blanks for those who are still seeking therapy to remove the memory of The Phantom Menace from their minds.

It then moves on to the world of Episode II, detailing some of the characters, vehicles and planets of the new movie. There is a great section on the Lars family (you may remember Owen and Beru from Episode IV) and shows scenes from the original movie and the new film to show how closely the sets have been matched.

There are pages dedicated to the making of the film, actors and the design process and there is even a pretty comprehensive index section that, thankfully, manages to omit Jar Jar Binks from its entries.

It is beautifully illustrated (as you'd expect from the title) in full colour from the very first page. This book will appeal to all fans of the Star Wars universe.

What will 15 buy you these days? Not a lot and you'd be a fool if you thought that this little gem was expensive.

A must buy for all Star Wars fans.

Darren Rea

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