Buffy The Vampire Slayer
Creatures of Habit

Authors: Tom Fassbender, Jim Pascoe, Paul Lee & Brian Horton
Titan Books
RRP 12.99
ISBN 0 84023 426 1
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An old friend of Spike's, Parnassus Jones, has come to Sunnydale in search of the ultimate high. Putting together his own little scene, an underground rave has started up, with Parnassus selling drugs to the kids so that he gets the buzz when he feeds off them. Rebellious Dawn has been sneaking off to these parties, with Buffy continuously distracted and Willow and Tara are too wrapped up in their own problems to notice...

Creatures of Habit provides something slightly different for Buffy fans, a hybrid of a novel and a graphic novel. The artwork is quite nice, but it does give the book a 'kiddish' feel. The story is also simple, but still interesting, and it reads like a one-off episode from the series.

Set early in series six, it follows the feel of the show, with Buffy still confused from being brought back, Dawn being rebellious, and Willow's magic addiction slowly showing its way to the forefront. The baddies don't have much 'Umph' however, and you don't get to hear enough about them to make them sound scary.

Overall, the book is a quick and simple read, not particularly bad, but not particularly good. Perhaps it may be better if they stick to one format rather than create a strange hybrid of both.

Keri Allan

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