Approaching Omega

Author: Eric Brown
Telos Publishing
RRP 7.99, US $8.95, Cdn $11.95
ISBN 1 903889 98 7
Available 20 January 2005

In a bid to spread mankind across the Universe The Omega Corporation has carefully selected 4000 men and women to go into suspended animation aboard the space vessel
Dauntless. The ship's mission - to find a habitable planet where mankind can begin again. Also onboard is a four man maintenance crew whose job it will be, every thousand or so years, to awaken and perform routine checks. However, when the maintenance crew are awakened they find that there is a serious problem... and one that is not going to be fixed easily...

Approaching Omega holds nothing back. It's punchy, to the point and never pauses to lets you get your breath. In places this was a little annoying. Occasionally I wanted author Eric Brown to slow down and explore his world a little more. But, for the most part, his breakneck story telling works incredibly well.

I also loved the ingenious way Brown gets the reader up to speed on why this mission is being undertaken. Instead of a lengthy, and no doubt dull, dialogue sequence, we hear an explanation about the ships compliment and mission through a TV news report. This certainly helped to keep the pace going.

I picked this book up expecting to be delving in and out for a few days, but once I started reading I found it incredibly difficult to put down. I know that's a bit of a cliché, but it's true.

Put simply, Approaching Omega is a cross between a number of classic sci-fi movies. There are elements of 2001: A Space Odyssey, Alien and Star Trek's The Borg. But Brown doesn't just stitch these altogether in a hope of creating a good read.

Thank heavens that Brown steered clear of clichés when it came to the subject of suspended animation. It seems to be an unwritten law in sci fi that at least one of the cryogenic pods must malfunction leaving behind a skeleton in one pod (Planet of the Apes, Star Trek: The Next Generation's The Neutral Zone and Star Trek: Voyager's The Thaw are good examples of this).

I really was (another cliché coming up) on the edge of my seat through the majority of this book. It's fast, fun and frantic... I challenge you to put this down once you've picked it up.

Nick Smithson

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