Atlas' Revenge
Another Mad Myth Mystery

Authors: Robyn Ditocco and Tony Ditocco
Brain Storm Publications
RRP 6.99, US $11.95
ISBN 0 9723429 3 1
Available 30 January 2005

Four years have passed, and the California lifestyle suits PJ Allen. Classes, surfing, snowboarding, work, and a feisty redhead keep him both hectic and happy. But it is not meant to last. PJ's bliss is interrupted by a visit from his old friend Hermes who delivers disturbing news. He must return to the mythological world to complete Hercules' Twelve Labours while the strongman is forced to hold up the heavens for Atlas - who has mysteriously disappeared...

Atlas' Revenge is the follow-up to Hero Perseus - which sadly I haven't read. I say "sadly" because the character of PJ Allen is obviously one with a bit of history. While it's not essential that readers get hold of the first novel to appreciate this one, I couldn't help feeling that I was missing something.

In the opening few pages I was a little worried that there was going to be an abundance of word stretching - and bizarre linking of unrelated events - but this soon settled down as the story started flowing.

It's good to see that the authors wove ancient mythology into a 21st Century tale - and quite successfully too. Most kids these days would probably find the original tales a little dull. But throw a teenage kid into the picture, and add a new spin on the characters, and suddenly a bunch of dull stories becomes very entertaining.

All in all, this is a book that will appeal to the teenage market but, sadly, won't offer much for the more mature reader.

Nick Smithson

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