Star Trek
Captain's Blood

Authors: William Shatner with Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens
Pocket Books
RRP 6.99, US $6.99, Cdn $10.50

ISBN 0 671 02130 3
Available 07 February 2005

The Romulan Empire is in disarray and Ambassador Spock's attempts to unify the Romulans with their distant forebears, the Vulcans, result in him being publicly assassinated. Retired federation captain James T. Kirk is hauled out of mothballs to find Spock's murderer. Along the way he is helped by Riker, Picard, McCoy and Scotty...

Captain's Blood is set after the events that unfolded in Star Trek: Nemesis. If you've never read a Shatner/Reeves-Stevens novel then you are going to be pretty confused.

Those of you who think that Kirk is already dead are in for a shock. However, fans of the series will already know that Kirk was resurrected to help against a Borg threat in a previous novel.

There are problems with this book, that need to be mentioned here, but not to be taken too seriously by the reader. Firstly they drag a retired Scotty out to help Kirk. Now which Scotty is this? I hear you ask. According to the Next Gen episode Relics, Scotty had just retired when he was held in limbo for x number of years and then rescued by Picard and his Enterprise many years later. Then, off he tottered into the vast unknown in a small shuttlecraft. And McCoy is almost dead when we see him in the pilot of TNG, so what use is he on a mission? These were some of the questions nagging at me before I started to read this book.

But, as always, Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens writing (and William Shatner, who I'm sure made a valuable contribution somewhere along the line) explain everything so that what sounds like a mental idea really works out okay.

The biggest complaint I have is that the authors seem to be trying to please all fans whether they be of the original series, TNG, DS9, Voyager or the movies. There is such a crossing over of shows that it was difficult to keep up with it at times.

Those who take their Trek seriously may want to steer clear of this book, but anyone who wants to see what William Shatner's ego is up to these days will find this most amusing.

Ray Thompson

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