Science of the Discworld

Author: Terry Pratchett, Ian Stewart & Jack Cohen
Ebury Press
RRP 6.99
ISBN 0 091 88657 0
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When a thaumic experiment goes adrift, the wizards of Unseen University find that they've accidentally created a new universe. Within it is a planet that they call Roundworld, an extraordinary place where neither magic nor common sense seems to stand a chance against logic. This universe is, of course the one we Earthlings call home.

Terry Pratchett's The Science of Discworld is an interesting read, comparing the fictional universe fans of the series are familiar with to our own. Now you have experienced the Discworld and how strange it appears why not experience our world from a Discworld perspective?

There are some great moments to be had within the footnotes. For example one passage reads: "Most of the atoms from which you are made must have come into being inside a star. As Joni Mitchell sang at Woodstock: 'We are Stardust'". The footnote to this read: "Ask Mummy or Daddy if you have no idea what we're talking about".

While not an exact science, this book raises some interesting points about the way our universe came into existence.

Pete Boomer


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